The bread and butter of PSI’s product line are our Series 2000 Automatic and Semi-Automatic Bag Palletizers. Our four models of bag palletizers are constructed to handle abrasive, corrosive, and explosive products. The four different models handle a diverse range of bags, working with paper, plastic, or poly woven bags. Additionally, the Series 2000 palletizers easily work with multiple bag sizes and layer pattern flexibility with rates up to 40 bags per minute. All of PSI’s palletizing systems work with all pallet types and can also work with “Slip-Sheet-Only” stacking. Our state-of-the-art design also encompasses a “Four Sided” layer squaring that takes place during the layer loading stage. The layer pusher packs the layer against a back plate, then two additional plates compress from the sides to produce the “Four Sided” squaring. This squaring provides a stable, good looking pallet load for efficient warehousing. We also incorporate a unique design of layer compression to flatten each layer and produce a stable pallet load for warehousing and shipment.  

The Series 2000 Palletizers work with PSI’s Model 1750 Slipsheet Dispenser to even further cut down the labor hours and increase production rates. The Series 2000 palletizers include a semi-automatic palletizer, an intermediate speed “Multi-Push” design, and a high speed “Single-Push” design. The high speed design may require a bag flow diverter to guide bags in motion into different lanes as they enter the forming conveyor. This diverting method handles input rates of up to 40 bags per minute. Each piece of PSI equipment is built, wired, and tested thoroughly before it is shipped to its destination.


  • Model 2150 Semi-Automatic
  • Model 2300 Automatic Single Push