The emergence of the bulk bag as a respectable way to transport product from Point A to Point B has made the manufacturing of a bulk bag filler a necessity for most reputable packaging and bagging companies.

Bulk Bag (FIBC) Fillers

Packaging Systems International has met the challenge with the Model 600 Bulk Bag (FIBC) Filler. The bulk bag is hung securely from four adjustable hangers and the fill neck is tightly held in place by both an inflatable ring pressing against the inside and a strap around the outside. This firm hold on    the mouth of the bulk bag during the filling process prevents any dust from     escaping. To help make an even fill of the bag, PSI   designs and builds vibrating tables that sit below the bulk bag, periodically    rising to compact the material. One of the more unique aspects of PSI’s Model 600 Bulk Bag Filler is the screw jack that lifts the bag by the four corner straps after it is partially filled to get rid of wrinkles in the side walls of the bags. This screw jack combined with the vibrating table makes a filled bulk bag that is very stable for warehousing and shipping. PSI also manufactures conveyors and pallet dispensers to complement the Model 600, making it part of a fully automatic pallet operation from start to end, user intervention is needed for bag placement and removal.

The Model 600 utilizes Mettler-Toledo load cells and weight controller to provide reliable and dependable bulk bag filler. Another element that makes the weighment as accurate as possible is the Bulk/Dribble feed gate which allows for fast movement of product during filling and a reduced speed towards the end to ensure the correct weight every time. The bulk bag filler is used by many industries with a wide range of applications of dry products.