At Packaging Systems International, we believe that in order to create value, we must first satisfy the legitimate expectations of every person with an interest in our Company. We call these people our partners and we attempt to satisfy their expectations by promoting partnerships in which everyone is a winner.

  •  We believe in building mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with all of our partners, based on                        conducting business activities with integrity and respect.
  •  We are in agreement and extend every effort to comply with the various governmental regulatory agencies, (i.e., OSHA, COSH, EEO, MSHA, etc.)
  •  We take customer satisfaction personally; we are committed to providing superior value in our products and  services on a continuing basis.
  • We respect the individuality of each employee and foster an environment in which employees’ creativity and productivity are encouraged, recognized, valued and rewarded.
  • We think of our suppliers as partners who share our goal of achieving the highest quality standards and the most consistent level of service.
  • We are committed to being caring and supportive corporate citizens within the communities in which we operate.

We are dedicated to creating value for our shareholders by performing in a manner that will enhance the return on their investments.