Even with an extraordinary line of automatic and semi-automatic bag palletizers, Packaging Systems International also designs and manufactures a drum palletizer. The Model 900 Drum Palletizer works with multiple different drum sizes and patterns. With rates of 400 drums per hour depending on size and pattern, it’s obvious to see that PSI has significantly lowered on the job injuries related to the strenuous activity of manual palletizing while increasing production rates. One of the more impressive characteristics of the Model 900 is the smoothness and care that is provided to each drum that passes through the system. The Model 900 never damages or drops a drum and maintains consistent palletizing speeds without any scratches. This smooth ride is provided by the same steady speed that both the pallet and drum travel at during the loading period.

Another unique characteristic of the Model 900 is the simplicity of operation and maintenance. Changing between drum sizes or load patterns is easily done with minimal effort by the operator. Also, the Model 900 has an open design which means that all of the operating components are easily accessible for maintenance when it needs to be performed. In addition to drum palletizing, a robotic system is also available for pails.