Packaging Systems International is dedicated to quality of workmanship not only in the components and documents supplied by our company, but also in the high quality components purchased for assembly onto our equipment.

Quality assurance is officially the responsibility of Operations, which includes Manufacturing and Engineering.  The Project Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Manufacturing Manager, and Operation Manager must give each job an inspection and passing grade before shipment.  Quality assurance, however, is stressed as being every employee’s responsibility, and each employee is empowered to interrupt the project if a non-conformance is suspected.  In addition, the President and Vice President, as owners of the company, make routine inspections to assure quality of construction and timeliness of delivery.

Upon receipt of a Purchase Order, a new order review meeting is scheduled with Applications Engineering and Operations to determine and/or confirm all job specifications.  All documents are reviewed.  Next, based on engineering workload and engineering specialization, a project engineer is assigned and he will serve as the main contact for the customer throughout the project.

The project engineer then prepares the approval drawings (outline and general assembly) for submittal to the customer.  The approval drawing is checked against purchase documents by the Operations Manager.  Bills of materials are established and purchase requisitions are forwarded to Purchasing, complying with customer preferred vendors, where possible.  If circumstances preclude using a customer’s preferred component, the customer is immediately notified for an agreed upon substitution.

Purchased components are inspected upon receipt and tagged with the project number and staged for manufacturing.  Shop-fabricated components are treated in a like manner.  Staged items are stored in a locked area, controlled by shipping/warehousing, until required by manufacturing.

Work in progress is inspected for conformance by Manufacturing and Engineering.  Non-conformance is noted in writing and must receive corrective action prior to acceptance.

Upon completion, equipment is either cycled completely or operated using customer supplied materials (i.e., drums, bags, pallets, etc.) where practical.  Operation is monitored by Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sales/Marketing until performance specifications are met or exceeded.  Customers are invited and encouraged to attend this pre-shipment system checkout.

After system checkout, the equipment is broken down to easily handled sections, breakpoints are supplied with junction boxes with marked terminal strips, and equipment is given final inspection cosmetically before crating.  Special wooden crating is built to assure damage protection during transit.

Concurrent with shipment, installation, operation, and service manuals are shipped separately.  Appropriate component drawings, electrical diagrams, and spare parts lists are provided.  Three copies are standardly provided.

In addition, Customer Service representatives, independent from Manufacturing and Engineering, are available to assist in installation, start-up, operation, maintenance, and training to insure satisfactory operation after receipt of shipment.  From quotation to sign-off, the Packaging Systems TEAM is dedicated to assure quality in all areas.