As part of PSI’s palletizing line, we’re happy to market Columbia/Okura Robotic Palletizing systems. Below, you will find information on the different types offered.  Down Load Bulletin Here

Model A700 Robotic Palletizer

Capable of handling 12 cycles per minute for bag palletizing applications and 10 cycles per minute for case palletizing. The A700 robotic palletizer is the perfect choice to manage your slow to medium speed hand-palletizing operation. This low-cost palletizing unit can be implemented into your existing production line and pay for itself in just months.

Model A1600 Robotic Palletizer

Capable of handling 25 cycles per minute for bags and 20 cycles per minute for cases, the versatile A1600 robotic palletizer handles products from up to four production lines - perfect for multiple palletizing applications. The A1600 robotic palletizer design allows it to function in low ceilings and with limited workspace, maximizing the working envelope, and giving you the best robotic palletizing solution in the material handling industry.

Model A1800 Robotic Palletizer

The A1800 high speed robotic palletizer provides its users with highest capacity robotic palletizing arm in its class. Capable of 1800 cycles per hour, this model is the fastest of all the A-Series robots. With a payload of 310 pounds and an operating range of 350 degrees, the model A1800 provides the speed, reliability and flexibility required by today’s production lines.

Robotic Palletizers System Integration

Adding Columbia/Okura robotic palletizers to your production operation is only half the equation. For maximum productivity and safety, we offer a complete turnkey material handling package of controls, conveyors and guarding systems. Packaging Systems International backs each palletizing system with expert consultation to ensure the new material handling system integration works seamlessly with your plant.