Customer Service Policy

A force of Field Service Technicians is maintained by Packaging Systems International, Inc. These employees are available for correct adjustment and start-up of bag packaging equipment. They also provide training of operating and maintenance personnel and can perform scheduled preventative maintenance and emergency service. They, like other personnel, are trained to follow the Packaging Systems International, Inc. customer service policy.

We assign customer service personnel on the assumption that equipment is in place and hooked up to all necessary services such as electrical, pneumatic, etc., that Operating, Electrical, and Mechanical maintenance personnel are available for instruction and performance of required field adjustments, and that the product is available to run under normal operating conditions. Lack of any of these conditions may add to the field service charges by making it necessary to make more than one trip to complete the job.

Details On Materials

Many bag packaging systems include minor components manufactured by others and serviced by the service organization of the manufacturer. In these instances, it is recommended that the manufacturer’s field personnel be utilized for start-up and other service.

Customers must furnish at their own expense:

  • An appropriately qualified repairperson to assist the Packaging Systems International, Inc. (PSI) technician(s).
  • Materials, supplies, lubricant, and any services which the PSI Service Technician deems necessary, outside and beyond those that can be done with normal hand tools.
  • If repair parts are required and the customer so desires, any such parts will be supplied by PSI at its then current list price, providing such requests are stated on the customer’s order for repair.

Our Role as Material Handling Equipment Supplier

It is understood that due to the variety and complexity of the product line, PSI Service Technicians do not carry inventory of repair parts. We will, however, make every effort to diagnose the situation as accurately as possible prior to the scheduled visit and arrange parts sourcing so as to minimize costs to the customer.

The selling price quoted for PSI systems does not include any field service except where it is specifically mentioned in the proposal. In those instances where field service is included, it is for a specified period of days. For any work or travel beyond the specified period, the rates listed on the current pricing sheet apply.

How Maintenance Works

An Equipment Service Agreement is offered whereby the PSI Service Technician will work with customer maintenance personnel to perform preventative maintenance at agreed intervals. Since this permits better scheduling of our technicians, this service is offered at a reduced rate and requires a minimum of 2 calls per year. Rates are specified on the current pricing sheet. Charges for field service will be based on rates in effect at the time of the service performed.

Service shall be performed against a written purchase order. In emergency situations, service shall be performed against a verbal purchase order number with written confirmation to follow within one week. PSI’s “Time in The Field Policy” allows for trips home every other weekend when work is being performed domestically and every 4th weekend while being performed internationally (airfare at the customer’s expense).

Questions about our policy? Contact our customer service team, they’ll be happy to help.